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Game Shooting Specials

💥Game Shooting Specials💥
At last we are now free to get our shooting back on track and practise our way back to being the best possible shot we can be.
It won’t be long before game shooting season is here again, so why don’t you join me for classic driven pheasant lessons.
If you short good, I will make you shoot better!
If you are not shooting good at all, I will teach you away to become a natural shot and to fully understand what a natural shot actually is.
The word natural is used wrong a lot of the times, people this it is natural to catch a ball but it is not. You practised something as a child that then taught you how to catch a ball.
Your brain after receiving facts responds naturally to them but not before receiving them! The same as a computer.
I will explain gun fit in detail and what is meant by focal point.
I will explain the difference between looking at the barrels to peripheral vision.
I will explain why a good shot has all the time in the world and why they are a good shot.
I will explain how your brain can read a target in the only way possible naturally.
I only teach a method based on facts. Call in for a chat and I will prove it!
Just think back. Your best ever shots are when you don’t think and you just respond to the bird. I will explain why they are your best shots! I will also explain the reason behind the quality of that shot.
In the next few weeks I will be publishing the definitive guide to the understanding of the natural shot based on facts and the proper understanding of what is meant by set practise.
C M Brewster

Game Shooting Syndicate

Afternoon everyone,
I have been asked by some of my clients if I would put together a roving Game Shooting Syndicate for Pheasants and Partridge shooting!
Starting with Partridge in September
The days we are looking to book are from £600 to £800 per day per gun.
150/200 bird days!
I am looking into it at the moment please contact me on 07887743049 if you are interested and would like more detail.
Cyril Brewster