Cyril Brewster
The Classroom

Cyril is an exceptional professional shooting Consultant and instructor in the disciplines of Clay Target and Game Shooting with over 40 year’s experience.

Cyril has had a great privilege and enjoyment of meeting teaching and shooting with some of the most dedicated shooters from all over the UK.

Clay Target Shooting and Game shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by you, your family and your friends as recreation or at a competition level. 

You will learn in a safe environment with an experienced professional instructing you. 

You may be a beginner who simply wants to get a head start in the sport or you are an established shooter who just wants to improve his or her scores.

Coaching can be one on one or up to 10 participants at a time, results are first-class safe shots at game or clay.   The method of shooting Cyril teaches is the Natural Shot, in the lesson you will learn and understand what a natural shot means and what can stop you achieving this, it will be explained fully in the lesson.   We can coach you to be a first-class shot at Game Shooting or Competition Clays, we guarantee to teach you to your full potential and of your budget.

The shooting school first operates in a classroom to practical shooting, you will be given set practice after all of your lessons not just told to go out and shoot. 

A question to every shooter? To hit a target you need to Know 3 certain facts how many people know those facts, and where do you get them from, I will explain it all in the lesson. If you have a problem bird, I can help you.

We can advise on Gun Purchase We also will check to see if your gun fits you properly.

We will make sure you are a safe shot in both clay and game shooting disciplines The school/Clinic teaches instruction at the highest of Level.

Book Your Lesson Now Learn something new that you will really enjoy Equipment can be provided No License Required.

Private lessons in Clay and Game shooting Group Lessons Assisted Game shooting.

We also offer Corporate Days on our Exclusive Country Estate, Dining in the Hall is available, prices on request. Walk In-Shooting Question Time available on most days, call in to see me in my consulting room and ask any questions you may have relating to shooting and your shooting method.

Cyril Brewster is easy to approach and talk to.

Look out for the sign outside his office for the times available to walk into the shooting clinic

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