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Q. I keep getting asked what stops a person from becoming a natural shot
My Answer is based on catching a ball
First what do we associate with natural (catching a ball) yes !!! most people say catching a ball is natural
But it is not!!!  Every one of us taught ourselves at 4-5-6 years old to catch a ball with a simple practice, that then turned us into a person that catches a ball naturally, but no one told us what that practice was.
A shotgun is only a extension of your arm and hand so you reach with your shot to break the clay
So what stops a person becoming a natural shot.    
Your gun does not fit you or your focal point.
You focus on the barrels of your gun.
You swing through the bird.
You must not try gauge lead in feet and inches.
You must not try to track on the line of the bird.
You must not keep your gun ready mounted in your shoulder.
It should start just out before you shoot when shooting sporting targets.
You must not have your feet in the wrong position
You must not go straight to the front of your target guessing lead factor.
You must not shut one eye.
The  most important thing you must do in shooting is always relate to the clay to get the factual, line, speed, and distance of the clay so you can naturally hit the clay without thinking, just like catching a ball.
There are numerous different methods of shooting, but after teaching shooting for over 40 years. I now only teach the natural shot. as it is the only one that I can teach and explain fully, based on facts
Join me when life gets back to normal, and I will put you on the pathway to safe shooting and becoming a natural shot.